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The Many Advantages of the End of Internal Combustion Engines

There are so many advantages to ending the century-old fixation on combustion-based machines. In a century, our descendants will marvel that such a thing ever existed. “The engine actually explodes?!?” It’s time to grow beyond combustion when we create forward momentum, as the technology is available to us now. 

There are numerous reasons to end the dependency of our nation’s workforce on fossil fuels. One key reason is the environmental crisis that decades of unchecked car emissions have created.

Environmental Collapse is Imminent.

The dinosaurs are extinct– but they didn’t wipe themselves out by consuming more than their share of the Earth’s rich resources. Their bodies shrank into the ground and, over millions of years, became the very oil that this planet’s apex predator, human beings, now consume at an irresponsible rate. There’s been so much talk in recent years about weather patterns and the eroding arctic shelf, but in the last two years that has ramped up significantly. Global warming is no joke. It is real, and it is coming to disrupt the American way of life significantly, and make some coastal cities uninhabitable.

Most states aren’t doing much, but we’re pleased to say that California is taking some steps in the near future. On a recent viewing of the masters, Mercedes Benz advertised their entire electric line– and ONLY their electric line. That’s huge progress. But likely, it’s too little, too late to save the way of life we now know. As a species, we’ve put off a solution so long in the name of unchecked capitalism that we’re trapped– climate change is coming, and it will render areas like Miami uninhabitable. 

Humanity won’t walk away from global warming unscathed, but we can limit the damage by acting soon. We are the first species forced to deal with conditions we created that may make life grim. What we can do is make that period of misery shorter as we search for a way to reverse the damage we have done. The elimination of cars that accelerate carbon monoxide production will help us reach that goal.

We’ve Stayed with Internal Combustion Technology for Way Too Long.

After 100 years, the only real reason we are still stuck on combustion engines is that oil companies have worked to suppress electric vehicle technology. We could have also switched to pure electric in the car manufacturer collapse of 2008– but we didn’t. The reticence of moving to electric vehicles has given companies like ours wind for our sails.

The time to embrace this technology is now, and work to make sure we are not made dependent on finite, controlled resources again, so that our technology follows this trend and develops a better option to the electric someday. 

The Incentives Are On Their Way

As the U.S. government works to switch us to Electric Vehicles, there will likely be more and more incentives to tip the balance. Beginning with improved parking spaces and possibly continuing with queue preference and on to tax breaks, there will come a time when the cost of maintaining an internal combustion engine will be far more than owning an electric one– and that time is fast approaching.

It’s Time to Consider New Energy and New Ideas.

Moving on from internal combustion will allow us to start developing better renewable-energy technology. This is our pre-crisis moment, where the smart folks will move to electric as soon as possible and begin to work with renewable energy in their daily lives (solar powered roofing, for instance). And Switch is teaching this technology to a generation of young students!

Our reusable EV Kit is ideal for students interested in renewable energy, advanced technology, or automobile design. The Switch Lab teaches students how to work with their hands, solve problems, learn about systems, and gain experience in cutting-edge automotive technology. Contact us today to learn more about how Switch Vehicles can benefit your school.

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