A Complete Road-Ready EV Kit

​A high-impact, project-based learning system for STEM and CTE education at the college, high school and junior high levels.

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Educational Benefits

  • Reusable & rebuildable design for use year after year
  • Learn the purpose & functions of EV components
  • Demonstrate & practice high voltage safety procedures (OSHA/ASE)
  • Grow professional skills – teamwork, time management, attention to detail
  • Teach fundamentals of electricity and how to use wiring diagrams
  • Test students knowledge through troubleshooting challenges
  • Configurable battery management system & motor controller
  • Real-time data interpretation from integrated CAN network
  • Understand the differences between types of EV chargers
  • Exam preparation for ASE xEV level 1 & 2 certifications
  • Use across multiple subjects – physics, autoshop, chemistry, engineering, CAD
  • Teach up to 15 students at a time
  • Street Legal (most states)


  • Open Chassis with easy access to components
  • Electrical components and batteries behind clear removable plastic for safety
  • 96v Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for safety & durability
  • Hyper 9 motor with controller (configurable)
  • Regenerative braking
  • Orion2 Battery management system (configurable)
  • Cycle analyst & digital display
  • Level 1 & 2 EV charger (J1772)
  • Wiring looms for ease of troubleshooting lessons
  • Professionally labeled and terminated wiring
  • In person Instructor training included
  • Access to Switch Vehicles community forum for educators
  • Includes all major component user manuals for reference

Adaptable Curriculum
One Seamless Integration

  • 17 week semester course
  • 8 week after-school course
  • 2 week intensive summer course
A Multi-Format Course for Diverse Needs

Technical Information

  • Fully Assembled – 144.3in L x 79in W x 52.4in H
  • Weight – 1,350 lbs
  • Range – Up to 50 miles
  • Battery Pack – 15 kw/h


  • Honor all major component manufacturer warranties
  • 1 year warranty on hardware


  • BMS tablet display w/ Bluetooth adapter
  • Component Lighting Kit (LEDs)
  • Switch Lab Organizer

Safety Minded

At Switch Vehicles, safety is prioritized, ensuring that every hands-on learning experience with our electric vehicle is both educational and secure. Here’s a look at the robust safety features we’ve integrated:

  • Emergency Battery Disconnect: For added safety, our vehicle is equipped with an emergency disconnect button that effectively splits the battery pack in half, reducing a 96v system to a safer 48v in an instant.
  • Protected Design: The vehicle’s frame is fully insulated to enhance safety during operation and maintenance sessions.
  • Dual Brake System: To ensure precise and reliable stopping power, our electric vehicle is equipped with two separate brake systems — one for the front and another for the rear.
  • Built-in Steel Roll Cage: Our robust steel roll cage is designed to protect occupants by reinforcing the vehicle’s structure, offering peace of mind during operation.
  • Insulated Tools: Safety extends to maintenance too. We provide a specially curated insulated tool kit, essential for safe handling during vehicle servicing.