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EV Kits & Curriculum

The Switch EV Kit

Re-Usable, Durable and Cost Effective.

The Switch is designed to be built, tested and driven, and then disassembled for the next class to use – every semester, and year after year.

Option 1: SL - DC/72

DC drive system
72 volt AGM Lead Acid


Option 2: SL - PM/72

PM Drive System
72 Volt AGM Lead Acid


Option 3: SL - PM/96

Hyper/9 drive system
96 volt Lithium Ion


A Complete Road-Ready EV Kit

Unpainted glider, all required wiring, 2 seats, lights, seat belts, windscreen, all components, tools, curriculum, and lab kits

Optional Add-Ons available:

  • Glider Powder Coating
  • Additional Seat (3rd seat or bench)


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Curriculum Support

The Switch Lab

​A high-impact, project-based learning system for STEM and CTE education at the college, high school and junior high levels.

The Switch Lab is adaptable


week semester course


week after-school course


week intensive summer course

The standard package includes the Build Your Own Electric Vehicle text book (comprehensive EV foundation, regardless of whether your course is introductory or includes significant physics and engineering concepts), the Instructor Guide (suggested lectures, discussion topics and tests), and the Student Workbook and Study Guide (+unlimited downloads).


  • Student Workbooks & Study Guides (digital): $995
  • Instructor Guide (digital): $99
  • Pro Relay Lab Kits: $799 each
  • Text Books (hard copy): $36 each

Our enhanced curriculum package is an annual subscription designed to keep educators and students updated and engaged. With more in-depth instructional materials, project challenges, new lectures, and community support, the program includes:

  • Project Challenges: Periodic student challenge assignments are offered to stimulate thinking, ideas and participation.
  • Community Forum: Communicate directly with other instructors to share ideas, tips and get answers.
  • Step-By-Step Assembly: Detailed assembly instructions are provided in both written and video formats that start with receiving your EV Kit to final test drive.
  • Powerpoint Lessons: Over a dozen Powerpoint presentations that cover all EV components.

Also included are several wiring diagrams, a spreadsheet to calculate several EV-specific variables, motor wiring options, and component specification sheets.

Price: $1000/year

Let us help you create the right package.

These PowerPoint presentations are included with your Curriculum Club membership:
  1. Introduction to the Electric Vehicle
  2. Sources of Electricity
  3. Electric Vehicle Components
  4. Batteries
  5. Battery Management Systems
  6. BMS Components
  7. AC Induction Motors
  8. DC Motors
  9. Chargers
  10. Circuits, Watts and Wires
  11. Contactors and Relays
  12. Installing Motor Adapters
  13. Course Review
  14. Using the Spreadsheet

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