Electric Vehicles: A Prediction For The Next 10 Years

Electric Vehicles: A Prediction For The Next 10 Years

Electric Vehicles: A Prediction For The Next 10 Years 900 600 Peter van Gorder

The world is just beginning to feel the effects of Global warming. While many are still in denial, the science is irrefutable. The radical weather shifts we are experiencing and melting polar ice shelves are a definite harbinger that we’re in for some rough times ahead if we carry on as we have for the last century. Today, we’re speculating on that future– specifically, how Electric vehicles and hybrids will affect the market by the year 2031.

One factor in waking people to the global warming crisis is the Billionaire Space Race currently playing out between Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Elon Musk of Tesla, and Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines. Seeing the mega-wealthy spend their fortunes trying to escape the planet and colonize other worlds has even the most self-deluded deniers thinking twice.

Once most people recognize global warming is real, we can no longer ignore the environment for the convenience of mass capitalism. Internal combustion vehicles will one day fade into memory, as our society will be forced to make the ecologically sound choice of Electric Vehicles, or EVs for short.

It might surprise you to know that electric vehicles are generally more polluting to create than their combustion-based counterparts. However, EVs make up for it in their ability to use renewable energy to power themselves from then on. With Volvo switching to EV only in 2021, there is a feeling that the market is beginning to build to a wave of EV buying.

In some cities around the world, change is being demanded before the industry is even ready. One California city has banned the establishment of new gasoline stations in favor of electric ones. Environmentally conscious California cities are also beginning to demand gas vehicle sales stop in the next decade. Norway has already set its date and will ban new sales of gas vehicles in 2025 across the entire nation.


We’re moving to electric as the next big platform. How Hydrogen cars will affect that remains to be seen. Still, safety issues (which remain to be seen, but the ‘Hydrogen bomb’ headline almost writes itself), not to mention a higher cost, will ultimately make it a harder sell than the current crop of EVs.

The resistance to EVs from the current U.S. market seems to factor in the newness of the technology and the lack of seeing string representation for electric charging stations yet. It’s the way no one wanted to buy a Betamax when it became clear that VHS would be the way that most video stores rent and sell videos. For EVs, range anxiety is a factor, with 83% of people resisting the move to electric cars saying it’s about their fear of charging their vehicle regularly. 

But the proven acceptance of EVs is winning, and in the next five years, we’re predicting that fuel stations will begin to change. It’s a bit like a stalemate. No one wants to make the first move before the market changes. But once the market is better than half EVs, expect your local gas stations to knuckle under quickly, lest they lose relevance.

When the market wave finally crests, every fuel chain will want to be riding it– with visions of dust bowl deserted gas stations in their head replaced with shiny new EV stations that didn’t wait too long.

Expect that by 2032, your corner gas station will still be going strong but shifting to make room for electric supercharging options. The price of gasoline will drop to near-COVID-19 levels, making the national average about $2/gallon. And when you see a new car on your street, it won’t be an internal combustion vehicle — it will be an EV.

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