An intensifying clash between California and Washington over getting cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road has put auto companies in a bind as they contemplate what cars they should be rolling onto showroom floors. The signals to automakers couldn’t conflict more: California, with the nation’s largest auto market, is stepping up pressure to stay on track with the state’s ambitious climate goals. The Trump administration is moving to free the companies of such obligations
Gov. Bruce Rauner visits students from Niles West and Niles North combined state champion robotics team, showing their projects. He stopped by Niles West High School Monday to tour career and technical classrooms in the school’s Career Pathways program.  The featured image shows Governor looks over The SWITCH Lab being constructed as part of the award winning Auto Shop program.

Donation drives Crater High toward the future

Posted by Switch on February 2, 2018
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The latest arrival at Crater School of Business Innovation and Science is an environmentally conscious California transplant with a revealing frame. It’s a $36,000, three-wheeled electric vehicle chassis. It only seats two, but it was designed and brought to Central Point to teach the next generation of technicians, ecologists, even graphic designers. The vehicle, awarded by the Rogue Valley Clean Cities Coalition, will serve as just that — a vehicle — to expand career and
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