Back to School: Some of Our Favorite Switch Labs Sessions

Back to School: Some of Our Favorite Switch Labs Sessions

Back to School: Some of Our Favorite Switch Labs Sessions 900 600 Peter Oliver


As students across the United States head back to school, it’s an exciting time for both educators and learners. One aspect that has gained immense popularity and traction in recent years is Project Based  Learning (PBL) through innovative programs like The Switch Lab™.

The Switch Lab™ has found its way into over 250 schools in North America, empowering students to explore the world of electric vehicles and renewable energy in an engaging and educational manner. Since school is one of our favorite places to learn about STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), we will closely examine some of our favorite Switch Labs sessions and how they transform the classroom experience.

Train-the-Trainers, an introduction to Switch Vehicles Electric Vehicle Assembly Kits

The Switch Lab™ offers a unique opportunity for students to build an electric vehicle from scratch. The Switch Lab™ comes with all the necessary components and instructions, allowing students to experience the excitement of engineering and design firsthand. With a focus on sustainability and clean energy, Switch Labs aims to inspire the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.

The Benefits of Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning has proven to be an effective way to enhance student engagement and understanding. The Switch Labs sessions provide students with a practical application of theoretical concepts, making learning more meaningful and memorable. Students develop a deep understanding of the technology involved by assembling an electric vehicle.

Fostering Creativity and Critical Thinking

The Switch Lab™encourages students to think critically and creatively. Throughout the assembly process, students face various challenges and problem-solving opportunities. They learn to troubleshoot, iterate, and adapt their designs, fostering a sense of resilience and innovation. This project-based learning approach nurtures essential skills that extend beyond the realm of electric vehicles, preparing students for future endeavors.

Embracing Sustainable Transportation

Understanding electric vehicles and renewable energy is becoming increasingly important as the world moves towards a more sustainable future. The Switch Labs sessions allow students to explore the benefits of electric transportation firsthand. By participating in the assembly and operation of electric vehicles, students gain a deeper appreciation for sustainable transportation solutions and their positive impact on the environment.

Collaborative Learning and Teamwork

The Switch Labs sessions promote collaborative learning and teamwork. Students work together in groups, sharing ideas and dividing tasks to complete the assembly process. Collaboration fosters communication skills, cooperation, and the ability to work effectively in a team—a vital skill set required in many professional environments.

Real-World Application

One of the most significant advantages of the Switch Labs sessions is their real-world application. As students construct and drive their electric vehicles, they gain firsthand experience of the principles they learn in the classroom. This practical experience bridges theoretical knowledge and real-life scenarios, reinforcing concepts and sparking curiosity.

Training Sessions Are Fun For Everyone Who Makes The Switch

The Switch Labs™ transforms how students learn about sustainable transportation and renewable energy. These sessions engage and inspire young minds by offering hands-on experiences and practical applications, nurturing critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity. As these EV kits continue to be implemented in schools across North America, we can look forward to a generation of students equipped with the knowledge and passion to shape a greener and more sustainable future.

Whether assembling an electric vehicle, understanding the inner workings of renewable energy, or witnessing the impact of sustainable transportation, Switch Labs’ sessions leave a lasting impression on students, opening doors to a world of possibilities. As we embrace the new school year, let’s celebrate these innovative learning experiences and the educators and organizations that make them possible.

Make The Switch For Your CTE & STEM Programs

Switch Vehicles is one of the companies leading the way in EV education and training with their comprehensive curriculum and assembly kits for building electric vehicles. By offering project-based training opportunities for students from high school to university levels, Switch Vehicles is helping to prepare the next generation of automotive technicians and engineers for the future of the electric vehicle industry.

If you are an automotive trainer or educator looking to incorporate electric vehicle training into your curriculum, consider contacting Switch Vehicles. The Switch Lab™ provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about electric vehicle technology while gaining valuable hands-on experience building and maintaining their electric vehicles. 

By investing in the education and training of future EV professionals, we can continue to drive the growth and innovation of the electric vehicle industry in the United States and worldwide. The Switch Lab™ is an engaging hands-on project that your students will love. It makes learning complex topics fun and exciting. This new EV technology isn’t ahead of its time. It’s right on time.

Our reusable EV Kit is ideal for students interested in renewable energy, advanced technology, or automobile design. The Switch Lab™ teaches students how to work with their hands, solve problems, collaborate as a team, learn about systems, and gain experience in cutting-edge automotive technology. Contact us today to learn more about how Switch Vehicles can benefit your school. Let’s grow the EV tech future together!