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July 2022

Summer Vacations in the EV Generation

Summer Vacations in the EV Generation 360 203 Peter van Gorder

As the summer comes to the Northern Hemisphere again, with the war in Ukraine, gas prices are at an all-time high that seems unconnected to the cost of oil by the barrel. In simplest terms, we are being ripped off at the pump right now, and it seems likely they’ll continue to cheat us for the foreseeable future. Considering how much of the oil industry is underwritten by our own government, it’s disgraceful to see gas prices climbing as high as $6 or more, and strange to see the loyalty customers have for the combustion engine range. At Switch Labs, we hope the American people will not forget this betrayal when it comes time to purchase their next vehicle, or in their ballot box. 

In this age of advancing EV technology, one of the primary hurdles for selling EV technology has been the fear of running out of energy on a trip. We prefer the range of combustion engines, the convenience of limited stops on our travels, and quick refueling. EV support for long road trips may seem dangerous, especially in the deserts of the southwest. No one wants to risk being standard with a ‘bricked’ vehicle.

Even though the situation seems precarious, the truth is that EV charging is possible in most modern cities, and our highway system makes it possible to get from EV station to station. There are three levels of EV charging: household charging, standard charging, and supercharging. The first two are available practically everywhere now if you know where to look. The third one requires knowing specific locations and the site traffic level.

But this problem is relatively easy to overcome! Mobile apps are available that can help guide you safely to recharging stations all across the country. For example, PlugShare provides locations for all three charging types across the continental U.S. highway system. With some planning, you can set a route with minimal recharging and complete confidence in your journey. 

Combined with sites like Roadtrippers, you can map your course with time to charge your vehicle. In addition, RV campsites can provide a helping hand when no actual station charging is available, with outlets accessible to your car. If you have an EV, take advantage of this and the technology– and renewable energy– at your disposal, and get out on the open road again this summer without fear of the pump!

Our reusable EV Kit is ideal for students interested in renewable energy, advanced technology, or automobile design. The Switch Lab teaches students how to work with their hands, solve problems, learn about systems, and gain experience in cutting-edge automotive technology. Contact us today to learn more about how Switch Vehicles can benefit your school.