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June 2022

We Can Do It: Why Young People Love Our Program

We Can Do It: Why Young People Love Our Program 900 600 Peter van Gorder

There are many hallmarks of an excellent educational program for educators, elements that make young people fall in love with their coursework. When a subject engages the young people with the material they find interesting and timely, empowers them to grow as people, and challenges them to accomplish something they might not otherwise believe they could achieve, they’re apt to fall in love.

And those subjects are likely to stay with students for years to come. And sometimes, these programs have the power to give a student direction in an otherwise uncertain future. Consider the programs that your students love and cherish the most, and you’ll likely find these three elements at play.  


The first is that a loved program must engage the students. It’s something interesting, something that perhaps even their parents have not discovered. It’s got an element of the future to it — their future — and they can see the study as part of their life history.


The second is that it empowers students to do something they didn’t think they could do. For some groups, that’s a challenge like riding a zip line. For others, it’s working together to solve the puzzles that will allow them to find their way out of an escape room. The Switch Lab seminar challenges them to work together as a team to build a working car!


The third is that it challenges students to use their teamwork, physical strength, and mental prowess to accomplish a task through cooperation while learning about the steps as they take them. Beyond being a test, this part of education is what students will retain the most: practical experience in problem-solving in a unique field.

The Switch Labs curriculum offers students all three of these essential elements. It challenges, empowers, and engages students in the world of Electric Vehicle repair and assembly. That’s why students love our program so much; it sees their potential and offers them a pioneer place in the future of technology.

Our reusable EV Kit is ideal for students interested in renewable energy, advanced technology, or automobile design. The Switch Lab teaches students how to work with their hands, solve problems, learn about systems, and gain experience in cutting-edge automotive technology. Contact us today to learn more about how Switch Vehicles can benefit your school.