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The Switch Lab

Build a road-ready electric vehicle in your class.


Our Workshops include everything you need to ensure  a successful classroom project. You’ll receive guidance for teaching mechanics and electricity, and you’ll build the Switch EV from the ground up, just like your students will. 

Switch Electric Vehicle Kits

Students work together to assemble a road-ready electric vehicle following clear instructions. Our “re-usable” kit includes the chassis, AC, DC or Permanent Magnet drive system, battery, all required wiring, lights, seat, seat-belt and windscreen.


The Switch Lab™ is an all-inclusive, turn-key program with four vehicle options and two levels of curriculum support. Designed to be adaptable to a range of courses and schedules, it supports STEM, CTE and Common Core in one package.

Our Community

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Hear directly from our students, teachers, and school grant partners.


See where The Switch Lab™ is having an impact in schools across the country, and the world.


We’re grateful to the partners who have help fund The Switch Lab for schools. 

As a learning tool, it’s awesome. So many aspects tie into my course - from electricity to batteries to the concept of torque. I’d love to see this in all schools.
Ron Bilberry
Conceptual Physics Teacher
Archbishop Hanna High School
It really is plug and play. Any school can do this, regardless of the tools or shop facility. You can start with any space.
Roger Pressley
Automotive Instructor
Central Academy of Technology and Arts
It’s a phenomenal piece of equipment. I love driving it. Every high school and community college should have one.
Marty Supple
Automotive Instructor
Cerritos College
It’s the most powerful thing I’ve been a part of. My students have big goals now, because they see what they can do.
Patricia Murphy
Robotics Teacher
Healdsburg Junior High

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