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✓an all-inclusive science lab & curriculum
✓real world education for the 21st century
✓the BEST classroom project ever!

Since 2013

Now in over 85 schools, thousands of students and hundreds of educators have built electric vehicles with

The Switch Lab


We Cover All The Parts

Training For Instructors

Workshops include guidance for teaching mechanics and electricity, and partial or full EV assembly to ensure a successful classroom project!


Students work together to assemble a road-safe electric vehicle following clear instructions. The kit includes the chassis, AC, DC or Permanent Magnet drive system, battery, all required wiring, lights, seat, seat-belt, windscreen, and instructions.

Classroom Curriculum

This all-inclusive package is supported by a series of presentations and practical applications that include STEM, STEAM, CTE, PBL & Common Core in one program.


Join our community of educators working with the Switch Lab.

Meet a few of our students and teachers.

Students from Venture Academy in Stockton, CA speak about their experience in a special one week summer program.

See the Switch Electric Vehicle (EV) perform long burnout for a group of students and educators.

“I really like this concept, students can finish in one semester AND drive the vehicle.”

Roger Presley, Central Acedemy of Techonolgy and Arts, North Carolina

You make the difference. Sign up for our workshops today!

Build an electric car and community at our workshops. Together, we will build the SWITCH EV from the ground up while learning basic electrical and mechanical concepts that are easily transferable to students.
Upcoming Workshop Dates:
June 11-14, 2018
July 9-13, 2018
August 13-16, 2018

Discover Our Program Options

At SWITCH, we believe your students are driving the future. By learning real-world skills and working together, your students will discover their capacity for brilliance. We cover all the parts, taking no shortcuts. The outcome is a road-safe, street-legal electric vehicle that teachers and/or students can drive! Your students know the difference. This all-inclusive package enables your students to assemble their own version of the EV. Go deep into EV Curriculum for two-weeks, or take the entire school year. It’s customizable; It’s your choice.

What Other People Say About us

  • I really like this program. It allows students to build the vehicle in one semester and allows them to drive it. Doing this in one semester is important.

  • Attendance is much better for students taking this class, no one wants to miss anything!

  • ...taking this class really helped put these ideas in a way I could see how they impact my life.


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